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Slip & Fall resulting in a broken ankle on an unlighted stairway at a concert venue: – $1,073,052.

Slip & Fall at Health Club, $1,000,000

Slip & Fall at assisted living facility resulting in a sprained back: – $640,000.

Woman shopping at a local home improvement store is injured by heavy container falling from overhead storage area: – $306,000.

Man endures brain damage after loss of oxygen occurs while undergoing a routine surgery at a Chicago hospital: – $300,000.


Young, mentally disabled woman sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns from boiling water, while left unattended at a local care facility: – Settlement Amount Confidential

Young boy killed, his family injured from a Boeing 737 that ran off of the end of the runway at Midway Airport in December of 2005 that crushed their vehicle: – Settlement Amount Confidential

Railroad worker hit by railroad spotting resulting in frontal lobe damage to the brain: – $3,000,000.

Iron worker fell 15 feet and injured his back: – $1,500,000.

Man falls off of a loading dock while at work. Loading dock not properly maintained: – $900,000.

Young girl requested hair color services from local upscale salon. Salon did not receive parental consent. Product does not contain proper precautions and the girl receives severe burns on her scalp resulting in necessary hair transplants. Recovery from salon and product manufacturer: – $806,000.

Young boy injured his liver while climbing on a newspaper rack at a drugstore: – $405,000.

Casino employee receives injuries from a shelf falling onto her foot while at work: – $325,000.

Man sustains back injury after he is rear-ended: – $303,000.

Young girl receives respiratory damage after being exposed to large amounts of chlorine at high school pool facility: – $150,000.

Amoco employee is injured after a pallet machine malfunctions and a bar collapses on her arm: – $120,000.

Cart tips and falls on the foot of a man wearing defective steel-toed boots resulting in complete amputation of two and one-half toes: – $78,500.


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