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Merrillville Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Champion Injured Employees’ Rights

When you suffer an accident or illness on the job in Indiana, we’re ready to serve

Every year, tens of thousands of workers at Indiana businesses are injured or contract illnesses on the jobs. In 2013, for instance, employees suffered 54,311 injuries and 89 fatalities in work-related accidents, according to the state Department of Labor. Under the workers’ compensation system, employers are required to reimburse employees for medical expenses resulting from their injuries, regardless of fault. Yet, in 2013, there were 3,714 disputed claims throughout the state. If you suffer a job-related injury in or near Lake or Porter counties, you can count on the attorneys at Schlyer & Associates, P.C. in Merrillville to be in your corner and to fight for your recovery.

Lawyers skilled at pursuing the full range of workers’ compensation benefits

Indiana’s workers’ compensation law is intended to make sure employees are protected by insurance if they have an accident at work or suffer a work-related illness. Employers are required to pay benefits unless they or their insurers have a reasonable basis for challenging the legitimacy of the claims.

Depending on the injury or disease suffered and on other circumstances, workers’ compensation in Indiana may provide the following:

  • Medical benefits — You are entitled to reimbursement for medical treatment related to an occupational injury or illness.
  • Temporary total incapacity benefits — These cover part of your wages if you are temporarily unable to perform any work.
  • Temporary partial incapacity benefits — These supplement your wages if you can return to work but are temporarily unable to earn as much as before.
  • Permanent total incapacity benefits — You may be entitled to these payments if you are permanently unable to perform any work.
  • Permanent partial incapacity benefits — These are designed to compensate for if you suffer an amputation or lose the functional use of a body part.
  • Death benefits — Part of your wages and funeral expenses are payable to certain of your survivors and dependents if you die as a result of your injury or illness.

There are limits on the payments you may receive and on how long you may receive them. Our knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney will determine how much compensation you are entitled to and will work vigorously to win you those benefits.

Attorneys well-versed in the workers’ compensation process

If you suffer a work-related injury or illness, you should inform your employer as soon as possible. If you lose at least five full or partial days of work, your employer must file an Employer’s First Report of Injury or Fatality with the state Workers’ Compensation Board. If your employer denies you benefits, it must notify you of the reason by certified mail. You may then file a Request for Assistance with the Board, which will investigate your claim and try to resolve it informally. If that fails, you may file an Application for Adjustment of Claim within two years of the injury.

Staunch advocates help resolve disputed claims

Once it an Application for Adjustment of Claim is filed, the Board will assign your case for a formal hearing at which you and your employer may present evidence. It is your burden to prove that you suffered a work-related injury or illness. If you are dissatisfied with the hearing officer’s decision, you may appeal, but only on the legal issues, not the factual determinations. Our aggressive and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys will be at your side to marshal the medical evidence necessary to resolve the claim dispute favorably.

Speak with a knowledgeable lawyer Indiana workers’ compensation attorney

Even in a case that is not disputed, you need a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer to make sure you obtain the maximum benefits available. For more information, schedule a free consultation at our office in Merrillville by calling Schlyer & Associates, P.C. at 219-757-0225 or contacting us online.


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