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The federal Jones Act provides seamen with compensation if they were injured while employed on a vessel or offshore oil rig. At Schlyer & Associates, P.C., we know this law and the protections it provides injured people, and we leverage our experience and knowledge to benefit you and your family. Attorney Donald Schlyer has taught admiralty law for many years and has represented shipyards, floating casinos, Mississippi River barge lines, and other maritime businesses and organizations. Our team operates a small, friendly practice, and we also speak Spanish.

What is the Jones Act?

Also known as the Merchant Marine Act, the Jones Act covers employees who spend at least 30 percent of their working hours on a marine vessel. Compensation after these types of workplace injuries covers medical treatments and wage loss for time spent recovering. The employer is bound by law to compensate you for these very specific areas:

  • Transportation, referring to the transit required to complete the voyage
  • Wages, or the pay lost due to an injury
  • Cure, or compensation for medical expenses and rehabilitation
  • Maintenance, which is the compensation for expenses that build up as an injured person recovers

Transportation and wages are to be paid until the voyage has ended while maintenance and cure are usually paid until the injured employee has made a complete physical recovery. In addition to these types of compensation, an employee may receive compensation for mental or emotional anguish and suffering.

What’s the difference between the Jones Act and workers’ compensation?

The Jones Act and workers’ compensation are very similar, but there are several key differences. Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that protects both the employee and the employer, eliminating the need for litigation. Under workers’ compensation, an injured person receives monetary compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation. In turn, the employer remains largely protected from litigation and other legal issues.

The Jones Act concerns seamen only. Unlike workers’ compensation, the injured worker can bring a fault-based claim to the employer under the regulations of this law. However, the worker must prove that the employer was at fault for the injury. It is possible for seamen to pursue workers’ compensation and additional benefits per the Jones Act. If you have further questions, an attorney with Schlyer & Associates can help.

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