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Learn About Schlyer & Associate’s History and Philosophy


Thank YouSchlyer & Associates began as an admiralty, aviation and commercial litigation law firm, with an office in Lemont, Illinois. In the early years, the law firm primarily represented barge lines, shipyards, real-estate developers, quick oil change franchisees, contractors, aviation related businesses, numerous individual pilots, and aircraft mechanics. Initially the vast majority of the firm’s clients were either in maritime or aviation related activities.

To be readily available to its clients, Schlyer & Associates first office was at one of its client’s shipyard facilities in Lemont, Illinois. In the coming years, a second office was opened at another of its client’s facilities, the Griffith-Merrillville airport in Griffith, Indiana.

After establishing a presence in Northwest Indiana, the firm expanded its legal practice to include representing injured individuals and most recently, providing debt relief through bankruptcy. The personal injury practice included not only the typical automobile collision and slip & fall incident, but many others like wrongful death, workers compensation and others. The firm currently owns and occupies a modern office building in Merrillville, Indiana and utilizes a remote office facility in Lemont, Illinois.


With offices in both Indiana and Illinois, the firm provides its client’s aggressive legal representation, through a team of legal professionals, attorneys and paralegals. The law firm enjoys success, not only by both prosecuting and defending on their behalf its business, maritime and aviation clients, but also in vigorously representing injured individuals against responsible offending persons or businesses. Schlyer & Associates has tried and settled multimillion dollar cases on behalf of injured individuals.

As a litigation law firm, Schlyer & Associates believes it is necessary to carry our client’s flag aggressively. The firm’s philosophy toward its business clients is to treat the client’s business as if it was our own business. The firm’s philosophy toward its individual clients is to treat them as we would like to be treated if we were in their circumstances. Both of these philosophies require Schlyer & Associates to thoroughly understand their client’s businesses, their goals, and their circumstances. Only then can members of the firm effectively analyze and advise the clients. The firm is always aware that it must not substitute the goals and values of its members for those of the client. Rather, Schlyer & Associates studies the clients’ issues and circumstances, learns what the client desires and plans an appropriate process to attain the clients’ goals and values. The experience of lawyers and paralegals far exceeds the age of the law firm.

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At Schlyer & Associates, P.C. our whole team want you to feel at home. We get to know each client so we can serve their needs. To speak with an attorney call 219-757-0225 or contact us online. For decades we’ve helped your neighbors throughout Indiana and Illinois, and look forward to hearing how we can help you. 


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